Born in London, currently living in Birmingham I travel everywhere, photographing everything within my reach. If you’ve seen me dipping around one of your sets during a gig, you’ll probably find your photos here. It’s highly likely that while you’re trying to just enjoy your food, I’m letting it go cold snapping away to get that mouth watering inviting photo, and those photos will end up somewhere here.

My favourite place is Berlin so don’t be surprised if there are new trip photos popping up every few months. I love reading about this complex world we all live in and I always try and fill myself up with inspiration so I can contribute something worthwhile. I like to use a variety of formats and I’m always experimenting. Some days I’ll burn through 10 rolls of film and twitch like a madwoman until I have them developed, other days I’ll fiercely nurse my DLSR, shooting hundreds of frames waiting for something special to happen to get home and find nothing has really happened at all, and most days I pour over everyone else’s work in an effort to find ways of making mine better.

These are all otherfotos from Daisy Blecker.

Delve even deeper.

If you’ve stumbled upon some photos of yourself on this site from gigs, outings, whatever, please remember that if you use them I expect credit back to this site to be included somewhere near the photos. Think of these photos as my little ducklings, and I’m just not quite happy about sending them off into the huge ocean of the Internet alone. They might get swallowed up and no one would ever be able to find their dedicated, hard working mother ever again. No one wants that.