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Berlin / Santa Maria Mexican Restaurant

June 28, 2013

My favourite restaurant in the UK is Wahaca, a London based business that gets everything right, the food, the service, the drinks, everything is absolutely spot on. When we were recommended Santa Maria in Berlin’s grungy Kreuzberg we had high expectations, and Santa Maria certainly delivered! The first thing you notice when you go in is the beautiful colours, and atmosphere already clicking into place as you walk in. The staff are lovely, it filled up quickly and everyone had this glowing joy about them as they scraped the last morsel of food from their plates.

We went for the lunch set menu, which included a starter of either spicy chorizo soup which Sam said was perfectly spicy, warming, and wholesome, or a firey mixed green salad with tamarind-chipotle dressing, topped with cherry tomatoes and crumbly feta cheese. We also greedily ordered double baked black beans, with tortila chips and ate them all up before anybody could day ‘tequila!’

The main was a burrito (that I kid you not, was bigger than my head!) full to bursting point with melting cheese, hot spicy chipotle sauce, tangy tender chicken, salad leaves, refried beans, soured cream and plenty of aromatic rice, and to wash it all down you got a beer, or a crisp refreshing mixture of hibiscus water and cranberry juice. Now, sit back and just imagine that lunchtime experience, and imagine only paying 10€ for it. Pick your jaws off the floor, and march yourself right over there next time you’re in Kruez. You won’t regret it. On my next visit I’m going straight for the vegan burrito, Calabaza, with pumpkin cooked in spicy chipotle with caramelised red onion and garlic. My mouth watering at the mention of chipotle, I think I may have a problem.

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Berlin / 35mm / part iii
Sutton Park

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