May 20, 2017

    There’s been a post in my drafts for about two years titled “I heard you’d hung up your camera for good, Blex”, a quote from none other than one of my greatest friends, Robb Cartin. I was taken aback by his words as I felt at the time I was still fairly active at gigs but apparently not. I wrote out this big long word vomit about why I’ve been a bit less active recently and what I had planned for the future and then never posted it – opting instead to prove him wrong with actions, not words. Well I failed miserably and gradually the following year I shot fewer shows. I’d become tired of the monotony of it all; shooting the same people, having that conversation “Did you get any good photos?!” “I hope so!” and then getting home and not being happy with any of them but posting them anyway because people had seen me shooting them.

    It all became a bit pointless once I realised I’d shared photos of the same band six posts in a row. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bands – I’ve always maintained that I’d never shoot a band I didn’t actually enjoy – I just felt I wasn’t adding anything to the work I’d already created.┬áThere was a period of time where I felt I was on fire, shooting relentlessly, churning out work every three days. I remember I was away with work in Italy and I’d made some new friends who were keen to use my photos as their profile images on Facebook and when I looked through my feed everyone had one of my shots in prime place and I felt so bloody proud of myself. You lot have always been so supportive and encouraging of the work I put out into the world and I relied on that way too much.

    I need to push myself more, get more involved and give myself a real chance at falling back in love with it, otherwise what’s the point? I’ve spent so much money and time and energy on photography, I’ve settled on a shooting style, I’ve placed a really huge emphasis on conveying something unique and true within my work it would be a shame to just end up repeating the same thing over and over again.

    So, without making any huge promises no one’s gonna give a shit about anyway here I am telling more myself than anyone else that I’m going to do better. Better by myself, for myself and hopefully something really interesting will come of it. I hope you all like it. Thanks for everything so far <3

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